Kieron Harrell is a Chicago comedian born and raised in Ohio, but like anyone trying to succeed in life, he first had to leave Ohio. Known for his infectious high energy, paired with his deeply personal jokes, Kieron has been captivating audiences across the country. He shares stories that range from what it’s like to grow up as the least favorite child, his ex trying to sue him, raising foster children, and how his family made him the hot mess he is.

Kieron’s career is ascending quickly. He’s a regular at The Laugh Factory and has performed at legendary venues such as The Comedy Store, The Bend Theater, The Second City, Skyline Comedy Club, and Don’t Tell Comedy shows all across America. His openness on stage has gained him millions of views across his social media platforms (@ki_almighty), and his quick wit during his spouts of intricate crowd work makes every seat in the house, the best seat!