Kieron Harrell is a Chicago comedian and Ohio native, but like anyone trying to succeed in life, he first had to leave Ohio. Once in Chicago, he quickly found his footing in the scene. 

Kieron is a storyteller, and he pairs his stories with intricate observations that only he could see through his concerningly high prescription glasses. His quick witted punch lines keep the laughs coming, while his physicality places you inside each joke. 

Kieron has performed at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Summit City Comedy Club, and Zanies just to name a few! He’s hosted weekends at The Laugh Factory, Skyline Comedy Club, The Comedy Vault, and the Lincoln Lodge. He’s opened for Rachel Mac, Michael Winslow, Lisa Beasley, Geoff Asmus, and Rodney Laney. As well as feature for Jake Iannarino, Joe Fernandez, and Adam Burke. He travels all throughout the Midwest, and captures it on his Instagram at ki_almighty